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     K.LUKE Whiskey Company owner and president Jonathan Maisano made his first single barrel trip to Kentucky in the summer of 2014.  Since then, he has tasted over 1400 barrels and selected more than 350 to be deemed as Maisano Hand Selects in his retail store Maisano's Fine Wine and Spirits.  Jonathan is also a first level certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers.  He uses this extensive sensory training when evaluating aroma and flavor profiles in whiskey barrels as there are many similar traits in both wine and whiskey when searching for nuances.  

     When selecting barrels Jonathan tastes through several at each distillery searching for those that offer exceptional flavor profiles and are balanced from the nose to mid palate all the way through the finish.  What makes his selection process unique is tasting each barrel “blind” he never knows the age, warehouse location, proof or any other details that may influence the outcome of the selection.  He believes the only determining factor that truly matters when selecting single barrels is the whiskey in the glass. 

     K.LUKE is all about Jonathan's ability to blend exceptional single barrels to create balanced and multilayered small batch offerings. He blends exceptional single barrels, then these blends are put together, rated and blind tasted against each other, then against other outstanding whiskey offerings until these blends consistently win our blind tastings. 

     His wife and co-owner Jennifer shares the same passion for enjoying wine and whiskey.  Jennifer also tastes through each small batch blend blind so only the best blends move forward to the next round in the blend selection process.  K.LUKE truly is a family whiskey project and we strive to always offer you unique and exciting whiskey blends and exceptional single barrel offerings.

     Cheers! Jonathan & Jennifer Maisano

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